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Pride commisson for Ashton jolteon!
I will be doing YCH pride commissions for these soon!

As you probably know, the first gen Pokémon games we got in the west, Red and Blue, were based on the Japanese Pokémon Blue, which was a revision of the original Japanese Pokémon Red and Green, including notably reworked sprites and graphics.

Here are some sprites from a CoroCoro edition that showcased the changes in the Japanese Pokémon Blue versior. It includes sprites that were altered in the final release. These are exclusive to this edition of the magazine and were never seen again.

More info & further reading:

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Long time no see!

I want to swap SHINY Gigantamax pokemons.


Toxtricity (Amped Form)
shiny but not gigantamax;

Please reply.

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J'ai fini mon gros projet de point de croix !

C'est Solgaleo :)

Patron par cross stitch quest !


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Hi I'm Dex! Nice to meet ya! Big Pokemon/ SAR fan! I post some art, cooking and life stuff!

🔸 Ko-fi! - Tips always appreciated!

🔸FA! - Art gallery!




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Pokémon GO AR Photograph 

At last, I have a picture with one of my favorite :psychic_type: Pokémon!
Picture taken by @Siphonay

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@marie_joseph TPC and Nintendo are separate entities but yeah Pokémon is the most lucrative media franchise on the planet and this is only a fraction of their revenue for sure

I can't match the The Pokémon Company donating 100k$ both to the NAACP and to BLM but I can use my platform and my absence of a PR department to say the following:

All cops are bastards, police should be defunded if not so much as abolished. It's time the white US and Europe realize that their lives and comfort are built on the oppression of black people and people of color. I support the revolts everywhere they're happening unconditionally.

law enforcement officers aren’t welcome on

In conclusion I can see Gen I being considered the hardest by some because of the fact that it’s the first iteration of every single mechanic of the Pokémon series so they’re pretty rough around the edge, but in my opinion none of the Pokémon games are daunting challenges in any way

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Second, the game breaking glitches:

The first gen has a lot of programming oversights, that’s true, but there are, to my knowledge, game-breaking glitches that players have a significant chance to come accross accidentally. There are also many myths as to which glitches can cause save corruption. MissingNo. doesn’t cause destructive save corruption. It glitches graphics reversibly and momentarily, and also glitches up the hall of fame, but that won’t make your save disappear.

The only save-breaking glitch I can think of is if someone goes to a glitch city without a Pokémon being able to fly or another way to get out like Tunnel or Teleport. This is an occurence that’s highly unlikely to happen voluntarily

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First, the broken mechanics. He’s reffering to this image in the video. It has a lot of text, but I’m not putting an image description because the details of its contents are not what I want to focus on, but the fact that these are either:

- Mechanics that the player are just as likely to use as the AI, so they advantage them as much as it disadvantages them
- Stuff that’s so specific or rare that it doesn’t have a significant impact on the game as a whole
- Some stuff like Wrap is annoying, but the ones using them are wild Pokémon and non-major trainers that are easy to defeat

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I just watched this video by YouTuber MysticUmbreon ranking Pokémon generations by difficulty:

There are some hot takes in it but the biggest for me is his justification to put Gen I at the top spot: broken mechanics, and game-breaking glitches.

I see a lot of newcomers on these days and I’m delighted!

I hope you all have read the server’s rules (you should, you agreed to them by registering!), but if you haven’t, please do take a good look at them, because I always keep an eye on the local TL and reports to enforce them!

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