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I know it isn't likely to get much attention here just yet, but I will be hosting a Venture Cup live on stream again, as usual.

Welcome new users! :donphan: :masto_ball:

I'm glad you decided to join and I hope you have a nice stay!

I'm the admin here, so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this server itself or Mastodon in general. I'll try my best to answer your queries!

Have a nice day!

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Faut encore que je fasse le socle, mais on (une personne de 5 ans) m'a demandé un salameche vert

Voici donc un bulbimeche.

#art #mastoart #sculpture

(Image description : une sculpture de salameche aux couleurs de bulbizarre)

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I'm not very active on this account cause I'm not in a huge Pokémon mood lately but I still monitor and moderate closely :ms_eyes: :donphan: :masto_ball:

I'd like to thank the users on here for their continued appreciation of the server. It really means a lot to me :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

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working on a new cross stitch pokemon ! i'm available uwu

idea of my cross stitch prices : (but you can order any pokémon)

a RT of me a day keeps the debt away

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Some flash ROM chips on Nintendo 3DS cartridges are starting to fail. Not a massive portion of them, but it might become widespread in the future.

I’ve just made a thread on Twitter with resources on how to back up 3DS (and also NDS) save files and dump entire games with a hacked console, check it out:

There are also ways with an app called godmode9 to backup the entire games themselves to a file you can install as a digital game on any 3DS or emulator.

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if you have European copies for Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: there have been numerous reports from ResetEra and Twitter. This has been caused by the FlashROM chip, which some other games have (I can’t find a definitive list of those atm, sorry)

It’s impossible to check if this is super widespread, but it can’t hurt to check.

My Alpha Sapphire copy still works, thankfully.

Now I’m not as pro-corporate and stuck up than other Pokémon website admins so I’m going to tell you this: I highly encourage, if you have a minimum of tech-savvyness (it’s mostly moving files around and carefully following instructions), please hack your 3DS with this guide :

It will allow you to install homebrew apps to your 3DS such as Checkpoint, which allows you to back up and restore save data from cartridges and installed games, like I just did with my SA cart.

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Hello! Name's Loth! I absolutely love Pokemon!

I also love Behemoths from the Final Fantasy series, which is my main 'sona, but in this server he's a Nidoking!

I'm not competitive, but I do breed and hunt for shinies when the mood strikes, it's really nice putting forth the effort to finding pokemon of a different color.

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