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Since I don't have much to talk about here during the winter, I'm thinking about making this the instance where I talk about workout stuff.

Basically I started working out casually last January, not as a new-years thing, but because I was in physical therapy the month before. I messed up my neck/shoulders from drawing too much without stretching properly, but also looking down at my phone too much (work can get slow sometimes, lol).

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Decided to make a new one of these to pin that actually has my code in text to copy/paste

8384 3059 0989

If you add me, please let me know so I can set a nickname for you and know who you are!

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is @SunScales)

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

So I think my coworker is officially my pokemon go buddy, I let him try out my Go Plus today (since I have the pokeball plus now also).

We walked around the park for a bit and tried for a :latios:​ but even though enough people were STANDING there, some people were... apparently in a group with hackers and had a full group of 20. So the four of us extras standing there couldn't quite get Latios ourselves. Kinda miffed.

I love magmar because it looks like a conglamoration of "cool" dragon-y ideas combined in the worst way possible and made weirdly ducklike

hi here's a magmar i drew a while back because I love magmar

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oh hold up, I got my research task done today and forgot to turn it in, the legendary should be easier to pull this off with

Research Task: Land two excellent throws in a row
Reward: Pokemon

Okay, there's a tauros right there, this should be doable, they're large and usually stubborn to catch

<throws pokeball>
<phone lags, lands a Nice throw instead>
<tauros is caught>

sobble looks like a water chameleon?? I'M SO DOWN πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I could have made these better by actually... turning on the light, but look i didn't think that far, okay

Had to switch to my ipad to get the new photo mode to work, lol

It's late and dark so have some crappy photos from in my apartment

I appreciate that even though swinub is a ways back he's still pretty easy to hit with a ball

And once spring is back I'll do a better job of returning the favor πŸ˜‰β€‹

Maybe NEXT community day it won't be below freezing and there won't be snow on the ground, haha πŸ˜”β€‹

I'm glad gifts are a thing because I wouldn't be able to do any winter community days without them, so a big thank you to my PoGo friends πŸ˜Šβ€‹

... Oh. I've drawn torracat before. I forgot.

Here he is with my OC Terry, I drew this shortly after OG moon was released

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