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I totally forgot to share it here, but I set up my island's dream address! This map is a little off now (Erik is gone) but it's still MOSTLY accurate, haha

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gonna post this again, please send me your card if you have one, I'm really enjoying them

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is @SunScales)

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

well i didn't fall off the bike but i almost did a few times, lol

i'm back sooner than i wanted to be, but i got a splitting headache so i had to turn back.

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I was thinking of going skating after work, but now that it's time I'm thinking I need to start slower. like I'm afraid I'm going to lose balance and fall, lol

so it's time for a bike ride instead

Gave it some thought and I think instead of starting over completely, I'll just continue my old Diamond file where I left off. I'm not very far in the game anyway.

Going to switch up my team and clear out old pokemon nicknames (they are definitely of a different time). Looked up where some pokemon are that I have access to and I like more than my current team, so will go pick them up and continue the story.

It's funny that since the pokemon know what day they were caught, my starter is about 14 years old.


I'm still working on X I just keep forgetting about it, lol

But X is VERY GOOD, it has wonderful poodles and skates

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wait, I liked May

Not as much as Kris but I need to be fair to May

I think my problems really started when they decided to give every girl trainer big white hats until the end of time

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On that note here's the mainline games I own, with what I've played/beaten 

Red/Blue/Yellow: βœ…β€‹
Gold/Silver/Crystal: βœ…
Sapphire/Emerald: βœ…
LeafGreen: βœ…
Diamond: βŒβ€‹ (gave up)
White: βœ… (only recently)
SoulSilver: βŒβ€‹ (forgot about)
Moon: βœ…
UltraSun: βŒβ€‹ (forgot about)
AlphaSapphire: βŒβ€‹ (forgot about)
Sword/Shield: βœ…

kecleon being a top fav of mine is the biggest driver for me wanting to get back to alpha sapphire, lol. I really want to see the updated forest town. (I also got a girl mudkip on the first try on that file πŸ’•β€‹)

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I'm still so sad that HG/SS replaced Kris, she's the only girl trainer where you can't change her appearance that I've ever liked πŸ˜”β€‹

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This is going around on birdsite but I want to do it here instead, lol

First game, Favorite game,
Favorite Pokemon, Favorite trainer

whoa wait a minute my old copy has a Dialga my friend gave me

I turned it on to flip through the pokedex to see how I felt about the pokemon up to the point where I quit (I only have two badges), and there's a dialga in the dex. He's still in my boxes, I never transferred him up

... should I bother

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Still debating whether or not I should play through my old diamond copy before the remakes come out

The reason I'd stopped playing it originally was I realized I'd been playing for a while and didn't like any pokemon in my team (other than my starter). I'm low key worried that'll happen again, but I also think I probably like more pokemon now than I did back then.

there's too many pokemon games I haven't finished. I pulled out my SoulSilver when looking for my Diamond and I didn't finish that, either πŸ˜©β€‹

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pokemon presents 

also they really threw me for a loop with the starter choices for Legends. I super love :rowlet: but my heart is kind of saying :cyndaquil:

I've always leaned more toward grass starters but I haven't used cyndaquil in forever. but I also passed up rowlet for litten in moon πŸ€”

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pokemon presents 

The Sinnoh remakes really got showed up by that Legends game? lol

anyway looking forward to both but I really am excited for Legends. I'm really happy Pokemon Go really got the fire under GameFreak to start experimenting with their format so much.

but yeah congrats to everyone waiting for Sinnoh!! which I guess includes me, but I didn't get very far in my diamond version. I've been waiting for the remake to try tackling it again.

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I beat the elite four on White (?) and the game is telling me to do more but, I'm kinda uninterested, lol. This game didn't enchant me as much as it sounds like it has for other people.

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