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I totally forgot to share it here, but I set up my island's dream address! This map is a little off now (Erik is gone) but it's still MOSTLY accurate, haha

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gonna post this again, please send me your card if you have one, I'm really enjoying them

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

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Oh wait VtM is that night 🤔 unless it gets canceled like usual but that could be a problem, I wouldn't want to force Dane to go to buy video games in the middle of the night.

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GameStop just left me a message saying pokemon is going to be available to pick up at 11 pm on Thurs!!

They're doing a midnight release and bless them for doing it an hour earlier haha

Do I dare put the Digimon fitbit in my Christmas list

I feel bad asking for expensive things but I'll list it and some books and see what happens

I want to get back to working out and having a digimon friend might help with that 🤔 tho the real problem is I actually need a gym membership now haha

I want to build another deck so I have something else to play occasionally at locals but the extent to which I want to spend money on one is mostly "put something together with what you have now"

I did pull examon tho and some slayerdramon to go with him

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Do I want to build a four great dragons deck or an examon deck 🤔

or both 🤔🤔

or change my Megidra/gallant deck into a megidra-focused great dragons deck 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I just had the very dumb thought of "why don't you just look up how to get digimon in Next Order?"

Which on one hand is like, duh. On the other, this game is based on Digimon World - which, to be fair, I have a ton of guides saved of - but the guides for digimon in that game are questionable at best, unfinished at worst.

Next Order gives you a ton more information, including letting you unlock requirements to evolve, so I didn't really think too hard about it. I could just unlock the info for how to get what I want. but I'm starting the game off with a whole lot of digimon I don't care for and it's made it a hard to stay interested.

So I'll just... get tyrannomon. Sounds fun

digimon card rambling 

The EX3 booster box officially launches in English this week and it has a new purple/green tyrannomon but it's apparently not going to be very good for my deck, lol. I thought it had an inheritable retaliation which would have been really fun, but no, it's a "on deletion: suspend an opponent's digimon", which isn't good enough to justify taking out any of my other tyrannos for it.

there's an extyrannomon with blocker but all my level 5s are solid - mastertyrannomon is too good and my green metaltyrannomon is a cheap evo with a good inheritable. I think I'll keep an eye on it in case I decide a level 5 blocker would be nice, but it has no inheritables, so it's really only good for blocker - which it doesn't even get of you have to hard play it, lol.

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Maybe I should pick Duolingo back up with all the peeps migrating to masto and there being no auto translations here.

I mentioned it on the alt text but that MetalGreymon pic is a redraw of the Digimon World cover. No idea if that's an official redraw or by a fan. This is one of my long-time fav games, though - it's quite literally a tamagotchi with an adventure around it.

Here's the cover for comparison (I still have the game and the card mentioned on the box here somewhere)

I started playing Next Order recently which is the spiritual successor to the game (20 years later) but I think I still prefer the original, haha. we'll see what I feel the further I get into it, though

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I don't remember if I've shared these here or not, but I got a new one this weekend so I'll post them all, haha

These are my Digimon tcg playmats! Playmats weren't really a thing back when I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh so I'm really excited about these, there's so many cool/cute/pretty options out there (so I have 3 when I only need 1, haha). There's also a few guilmon ones I've been eyeing but not sure I'll get one yet.

I got invited to somebody's house for digimon cards yesterday, and it was really nice to just hang out and play haha

They also helped me workshop my tyrannomon deck so hopefully it'll do better next time

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I think the thing l got wrong about social networks was that I have to use them to get news, connect to brands and celebrities - to maybe become one of them myself. I certainly tried my best to make a brand of myself.

But Mastodon is not made for brands or celebrities, but for human beings. If that's you, welcome! 💖

But if you want to "collect a following" here, you might find that very hard. Because we don't want new gods to worship, but human beings to share the human condition with.

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scarlet/violet are so close

I keep forgetting about them lol

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My biggest tip for new fedi users is that when people say there's no recommendation algorithm here, they mean it. You really have to work to find things you enjoy, your timeline's not gonna curate itself. Follow lots of people to grow your network and find new people through their boosted posts. Then feel free to unfollow or even block anything you don't vibe with. This is your online space and you can do whatever you want with it.

Outside my comic I don't do a ton of art unless I'm particularly inspired

Maybe there'll be a new pokemon I fall in love with in S/V but who knows

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I need to draw a new avatar at some point for this account but have been indecisive in what that would even be 🤔

Anyway I've been very excited about digimon lately haha

I've been playing the game at my local card shop (and losing), mostly my guilmon deck, but I think tomorrow I'm going to try the tyrannomon one.

Probably will still lose because I haven't really touched the new set despite buying a box of cards, I just don't really care about it it turns out, so waiting for EX3 or whatever. Should probably look that one up before I just waste money.

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