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Since I don't have much to talk about here during the winter, I'm thinking about making this the instance where I talk about workout stuff.

Basically I started working out casually last January, not as a new-years thing, but because I was in physical therapy the month before. I messed up my neck/shoulders from drawing too much without stretching properly, but also looking down at my phone too much (work can get slow sometimes, lol).

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Decided to make a new one of these to pin that actually has my code in text to copy/paste

8384 3059 0989

If you add me, please let me know so I can set a nickname for you and know who you are!

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is @SunScales)

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

Finally sitting down with this hoard of youtube skating videos I've collected and splitting them into playlists by subject, lol

I should have done this sooner but I've been kinda just throwing them into a trello board with writeups of what they cover. Which is good, but now that I have some similar videos, it makes more sense to make some playlists.

I don't use playlists too often, haha 😅​

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i was kinda hoping to see which starter gets buff for No Reason but i guess that'll be later

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to clarify, by internet i mean when I was at home on the wifi.

Is it just me or are the sleeping snorlax in PoGo... kinda buggy?

I keep getting an error when trying to pinap the snorlax so i can't use it, then they hardly ever stay in the pokeball despite having a green circle and I land excellents?

I wrote it off as just my internet (which has been kinda weird the last few days) but it happened earlier tonight when I was out and about, also

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If you're looking for a new instance, and if you like Pokémon, is wide open! Read the rules and join us!

:donphan: :masto_ball:

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I think my mom is super into Pikachu now that we saw the movie, she keeps sending me Pikachu images and stuff she finds haha :detective_pikachu:

@sachirin I apparently wasn't following you? I was really sure I was! Not sure what happened there, lol

I finished the helmet i've been painting! A few more photos at the link but also attached one here

i don't think ive ever used smeargle on my team before? maybe I'll give it a shot

I spent all my money on haircuts and clothes I'm completely broke


there are a bunch of Pokemon here I'd like to take, but I don't remember what my mom's wifi password is, lol

so I'm going to have to wait until I can go home again so take them, but for now I'll sort the boxes I guess

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