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I totally forgot to share it here, but I set up my island's dream address! This map is a little off now (Erik is gone) but it's still MOSTLY accurate, haha

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gonna post this again, please send me your card if you have one, I'm really enjoying them

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

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I'm opening commissions for a bit!

I got some descriptions in the pics attached but "flat color" is basically my usual style, "detailed" has more care, and "painted" is a different style entirely (in either CSP or Procreate)

Let me draw your characters!! Boosts appreciated

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Pikmin Bloom makes me feel dumb bc I've been struggling with figuring out how to do things, but it's cute, lol

so the new gyroids just play their own song? they don't sing along with the radio song you have on?

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Hey, it seems there's some malware that bots try to get people to download on the fediverse. Be wary, don't click on weird links sent to you by people you don't know, and report those to your admin. Stay safe!

going to breed a :kecleon: pair with protean for my brilliant diamond game. i just checked and while my alpha sapphire doesn't have a ditto, I DID get a male and female protean kecleon when I was looking for just one a while back.

i know I won't be able to bring them in through Home until later, but at least I'll have these waiting

so i won't have to worry about how to get that as a hidden ability there

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i will forgive you if you put pokemon puzzle league up

but you have like 9 different versions of the snes mario releases, you can find time for tetris attack

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nintendo please put the english version of Panel de Pon on the switch online snes list, aka Tetris Attack, the Yoshi version

I can play the japanese version on there fine enough but i want to play with YOSHI CHARACTERS

re: nintendo direct 

Rerelease Hey You, Pikachu on switch online, you cowards

yeah i know the switch controllers don't have microphones, the game will still be exactly as responsive as it was before, lol

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nintendo direct 

Really happy for Kirby, he's been stuck in very young kid-oriented games for a long time. Nothing wrong with games for young kids but he's deserved to have a mix. My brother is still such a HUGE fan of Kirby 64, I know he's excited.

Yoshi is also in that pit of no-challenge games though, and also needs to be pulled out. I hope they're at least thinking about something new for them, too.

excited for the rise expansion but I still need to finish the base game, lol.

really disappointed the n64 online stuff is going to have a new price, but i'm most likely getting it anyway. i've been joking on twitter for a minute that nintendo needs to put pokemon puzzle league on the switch online stuff, and now they actually could. will they? ahaha probably not.

banjo kazooie and paper mario though 🤔🤔🤔

i turned it on last night to just check where I was, and I don't... remember where I'm supposed to go next

I just beat the team members by lilycove and I feel like they hinted their plans were happening elsewhere, but need to look it up to remember 🤔

kyogre should be soon? but I don't have dive yet so maybe not?

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i FINALLY FOUND IT when i was looking for something else, haha

i'm not in the mood to play it anymore but will get back to it soon, i super love my protean kecleon

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ring fit made me do a bunch of squats and now my legs don't work

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I wanted to play my alpha Sapphire tonight but it wasnt in its case

I spent too long looking and couldn't find it 🥺

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