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I totally forgot to share it here, but I set up my island's dream address! This map is a little off now (Erik is gone) but it's still MOSTLY accurate, haha

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gonna post this again, please send me your card if you have one, I'm really enjoying them

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Hi! Decided to make an account on this instance for my Pokemon Go posts, since I still casually play when the weather is nice enough to go biking.

Thought I'd include some of my art - a couple pics of my OC right around when the original sun/moon launched, a cute Halloween thing, and magmar just chilling. (My main/art account is @SunScales)

I'll probably mostly talk about Pokemon Go but may also boost some of my pokeart over here too.

There's a sw/sh event this weekend that includes a chance at shiny clefable

shoot, now I have to set up subway tooter for all my instances again, lol

stickers and rocket balloons are all new to me, so I guess I'll see what else is soon enough

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I got a new phone so I can play pokemon go again 😊​😄​ getting a bunch of gifts sent out now

I'm finally going to get a new phone this coming week, my phone is so old and on its last legs, haha

I can start playing pokemon go again 🤩​

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PSA: if you like comic books, all of the Black Panther series are free on Comixology right now. Ta Nehisi Coates and Nnedi Okorafor FTW!

There was no public announcement; I read about this here:

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I don't know who needs this, but.

The Pokemon Emerald soundtrack, except it's all trumpets

The Pokemon Platinum soundtrack, except it's all piano

Small thing, but I appreciate that "fitness" is a hobby in animal crossing, and despite that, all the animals will exercise - not just the ones that are super into it

Really enjoying mystery dungeon so far, I hadn't played much of the previous games so I'm excited to finally get to try this remake. I didn't realize I could recruit all sorts of pokemon. I ran into magby earlier but didn't have a camp for them, but I have it now, so I'll have to pick one up later.

Really love the kecleon vendors too, haha.

I ended up picking :totodile:​ for my partner, bc the way she runs with her arms out makes me laugh

Oh shoot oh no I have to choose a partner, this might be harder than letting the game pick something for me, lmao

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Finally able to pick up Mystery Dungeon and genuinely surprised I got :charmander:

(not looking up the quiz answers, decided I'd just go with what the game felt was right for me)

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Arcanine is so fuckin big I had to leave the room to give him treats. He takes up my whole office. Here he is reading my emails.

This is old but I just stumbled upon it again, so have some screaming magikarp

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PSA #2: ANOTHER redeemable Pokemon in Sword/Shield, this time a Porygon2, available until August 31.

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A tip for filling your pokédex when you have pokémon Home.

You may have noticed that when bringing pokémon from Home to Sword/Shield, the pokédex entry is not automatically filled. But there is a way in the game to get the entry, by leaving the pokémon at the day care and taking it back.

Here's an example with :porygon_z:​.

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omg I missed kecleon day, the best of all days

Why do I always miss the ones I care about lol

I totally forgot to share it here, but I set up my island's dream address! This map is a little off now (Erik is gone) but it's still MOSTLY accurate, haha

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