pokemon snap progress 

I finally saw the Meganium 😭
I can’t hug the Meganium 😭

I really suck at taking photos but I’m having a great time with this game!

re: unintentional photobomb 

@sachirin I love the :dodrio: so much in this game 😂​

re: unintentional photobomb 

@SunScales They’re so silly and expressive! Can you post some of your favorite snaps? Here’s one shot I turned into a sitcom ending 😆


re: unintentional photobomb 

@sachirin here's a few! I really love how one of the heads looks so doofy compared to the other two angry ones 😂

re: unintentional photobomb 

@SunScales Never seen them try to eat a fluffruit before! 😂

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