I forgot that roaming in the wild area of sword and shield when you first get there can be might get raked over by a dusklops almost twice your level

@TK fleeing is a good option in this situation. Also pokedolls are rather useful compared to previous games.

@Feufochmar I've thought about that with the dolls. Fleeing works great it's just a shock when your trampsing a long and bam.
I grew up on gold and silver and got back in on the 4th gen then didn't get a 3ds till way late so lost touch again. My brain still reverts back to the old games a lot. I'm glad they're shaking things up with higher level unpredictability at least it's in this one zone.
I do wish there was more difficult versions of the story then just nuzlocking it. Like something built in.

@TK The levels are predictable though, as the wild lands are divided in sub-areas which have each a level range for the wild encounters before beating the champion. After beating the champion, all the pokémons have their level set at 60 in the wild lands.

@Feufochmar predictable still yes. More unpredictable then previous games though, also yes.

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