Looking for an email service to switch to that protects privacy and preferably doesn't submit to us prism attacks on a dime... I use Gmail and don't mind switching to an email client to get my mail, so it's fine if it doesn't have web mail. Any recommendations?

@TK protonmail and tutanota are good, providing both free and paid services. So is Kolabnow, but that's a exclusively a paid service. Note: with protonmail you can send encrypted e-mails to other non protonmail users with a password for them to decrypt, open, read and send via their web browsers.

@Shredd_Tone thank you for the recommendations! I will look into those as well!

@TK i use protonmail and theyre free at the smaller levels

@TK @hi_cial We use them for signing up for things, ourselves. Works well, our main gripe with them is they ONLY have webmail.

IMAP is a paid feature for some reason.

@IceWolf @hi_cial i got accepted into a disroot account so I'm trying them out.

@TK Been using Tutanota for a while now myself, so far I'd say it's a good choice

That is, if you don't need IMAP and are fine with using their client

@TK (http://privacy2zbidut4m4jyj3ksdqidzkw3uoip2vhvhbvwxbqux5xy5obyd.onion/providers/email/) is a good resource.

I personally have been using for a while (and would recommend it). I recently started using as well, which is run by I have a friend who uses and likes it.

I've used both and, and I have issues with both. They're not bad. If you aren't bothered by the things that bother me, they do what they do (making privacy/encryption easy) well. But they tend to break interoperability in ways I don't like. For example, you have to use their apps, rather than being able to just use any client you want. ProtonMail does let you use IMAP (but not POP3), but only on paid accounts, and you have to use their bridge program. This makes it harder to leave them or use them alongside other email accounts.

To their credit, both ProtonMail and Tutanota claim to store your messages on their servers encrypted, such that only you can decrypt them, so (assuming this is true) even if a government agency ordered them to hand over the contents of your inbox, they shouldn't be able to provide plaintext copies.

@TK I recommend FastMail personally. In their statement regarding PRISM they said they are owned by an Australian company despite having servers in the US so they are subject to Australian communications laws, not US ones. That might be somewhat old info but I have found them excellent.

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