That sad empty feeling you get when you don't have your next manga in a series and have to wait.

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If you admin a server, I'd recommend going invite only for a while till we work out whether the fash will try an make inroads on Fediverse after all this censorship that's going down.

stay safe :antifa:


There's something about emi's chapter that really gets me. The expression of her connection with Arima and how she wants to be heard.

@hi_cial take us literally anywhere else. Anywhere.

Every time I see this ad. It makes me very aware that I would very much eat pokemon food.

When you're watching pokemon in japanese for the first time and you're shocked by how different the who's that pokemon sequence is...

And how terrible the first ender is...XD

@junebug this is the truest comment on splat. I fucking love this game. And octo changed my life. But damn. Getting all the hero weapons is a slooooooog

re: 18+ 

@witchy is this a bad time to say why not both?

@hazel gotta make sure that vcr is adequately "jammed"

@hi_cial aw thanks :D I used to be a general manager. So switching to a job where I don't have to manage employees has been mega nice.

@hi_cial the cat declares it to be pillow. Now it shall be so.

@fluttergirly ooo I wanna get that really bad. But I need to get a normal switch to really use it.

I knew it!!! Emotions are just our brains fucking with us on a whim. (Reading through japanese kids non fiction for practice is a hilarious idea)

@hi_cial oops sorry! I'm fine. I work as a scribe at a hospital :) no cause for concern.

@7pinkhandsoaps I do that. Until I get enough heavy stuff that rearranging is more of a pain than it is to not.

Aaand finally talked to a good guy tonight. That early moment where stuck hoping a future is possible but you don't want to seem like your rushing anything...or overly optimistic.. and crushing yourself.

@7pinkhandsoaps I get so used to my own food that I really get that.

O shit..this week has been pretty damn awful. Friday wine day when I got home for sure.

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