VRChat, Furality 

ninty meetup is 90% umbreons lmao

spotify has a new AI playlist that curates older music based on the music you listen to, genres you like, which country you live in and how old you are

mine rn has a "listened to triple j throughout 2005-2009" vibe and i'm digging it


only enbys allowed in the ffxiv treehouse

its canon

this got no engagement but it is 100% my best toot from the snoutsite

Suddenly this video game is all the rage again, so let's be friends

9591 7999 1398

Welp, looks like it's not just me

Yuck, and community day is tomorrow :/

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PokeGo :mareep:​ Communty Day after-action report:

• >75 :mareep:​ caught with double candy
• 5 shiny :mareep:​ caught
• Super hecking good Dragon Pulse shiny :ampharos:​ acquired

I frickin love this discord server I'm in lmao

(Names removed to protect the oblivious)

There I fixed it (I think)! Neat Umby pics c/o kaiera.furria.net !

It's all anatomically incorrect! But that's okay, because it's still neat!


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