POV: you are a Wall Street hedge fund manager checking your GME short positions


lmao someone was being a shitter in the blaseball subreddit and then they were the one to write a modmail about it

like "please help me keep politics out of blaseball"

you can imagine how that went

"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

and let's be real: were you ever going to pick up a digital edition in the first place

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Gamers™ getting mad at mega64 for breaking one (1) ps5 digital edition as a funny bit and a throwback to one of their older vids when they should be getting mad at these fuckers, of which a single scalper group was able to procure around three thousand five hundred (3500) to resell


@raikou mainly for not critical stuff or if they're busy, sleeping or already active in the chat and such! its basically a nice way to not be an annoyance if you don't want to be

really dig how discord handles replies

its light, its unobtrusive, you can pick whether or not it notifies the person you're replying to, and it uses way way less real estate than other programs that offer a similar feature

had a ps5 stuck in my cart on [major australian retail chain] since yesterday when they brought it up for sale extremely sporadically, but couldn't proceed to the checkout for whatever reason

turns out though if you go to /checkout on the website it does actually let you pay for the thing???

fully expecting the order to be cancelled but 👀👀

As we see hard-right conservatives, conspiracy theorists and hate peddlers migrating to closed "safe spaces" of Parler and MeWe and others, know that #Gab is the weakest of the bunch they are moving to.

You all helped this, as #Gab was not able to infiltrate the #Fediverse and couldn't really build a viable platform here.

You did this. #IsolateGab

This is a great summary of our entire effort here working across the #Fediverse...

Once #Gab formally fully defederates we need to throw a party.


re: vrchat, furality 

@Lugia it's working again, i'm on pokefurs5 vibin if you still need to get in

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