Today’s news: In combo pain from fallin down the whole flight of stairs last week on my side/elbows/tailbone, + arm sore from not being able to move it regularly during SLEEP

B is down sick with his final shot, took a day off & I have to do ALL THE CLEANING before the appraiser for the refinancing visits tomorrow (i am not dusting anything above eye level u fkin kidding me)

Last night I found a newly formed Pedophile ring on one of my social spaces, and there’s no in program way to report a whole group. Backdoored it to the help desk and had to mark > harassment > dangerous activity >OTHER (there’s nothing in rules/TOS about pedophiles Or soliciting minors for sex) and had to attach a screenshot of blatant SAYING THEYRE PEDOS!

And swapping my useless therapist for my old one who abandoned me to move upstate to be with her BF who refused to move central VT. Gonna do Telehealth 1/2


As long as possible, and if insurance or govt says nobody needs it anymore after COVID-19, I’ll have to take the insurance bus about an hour upstate every week :(

But i only improved with her; she did actual therapy. E just chats about pop culture or listens to me rant, and offers silence in return.

Busy 24 hours.

@Veestah I was doing telemed appointments for years before the pandemic. It should continue afterwards. Bravo to you for being so productive!

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