「JR 上野公園ぐち」- 柳美里

“Tokyo Ueno Station” by Yu Miri

I just bought this book on a recommendation, I forget where... but it’s about a poor man who works on the construction of the 60’s (?) Japanese Olympics, and while he’s away from home, an earthquake and resulting tsunami wipes out his family and hometown. So he ends up homeless in Ueno Park.

@Veestah man this is just. one story of ueno koen's houseless community. ueno koen is kind of just... known

i kinda briefly toyed with running away from my host family and school to live there but i was like... nah not when i'll be hiding tits the whole time...

@hi_cial i thought u loved the fam? Did something happen?

And yeah, I can see where being stealth transmasc in a camp with a lot of cis men would be a hazard :/

Was just reading an article about how Japan is only lgbtq friendly surface level - most polls show over half all populations disapprove and up to 70% of FAMILIES would be disappointed in their children :/. I think it was dated 2016 or so, but times don’t change that quick...

@Veestah oh i did!! but depression brain and just the urge to dip on my entire life was strong at points. especially after gin was deported for overstaying her student visa...

and yeah japan is making progress but its still very conservative socially. they feel the homogeny and social rigidity is what keeps them going without major issue, but of course that's not the case as the world changes... the last pride they had tho (i think 2019?) was really big and well regarded by japanese queer ppl as a major step forward bc it was even covered in news media!

@hi_cial ah, yeah depress and social isolation...

I actually watched a queer documentary on japan on vimeo not long ago, it was really interesting... it was pay to watch but p cheap.

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