Uhhh... Microsoft Translator’s camera translation is... not to be relied on. The rest is fine as far as I’ve tested it. Let’s plug this one in and see what we get...

Better on typed input, but changed nuance between distinguishing “one’s grandmother” 「おばあさん」(Obaasan) from “my grandmother” 「祖母」(Sobo).

So from switching Japanese to English and back, I got “Anata no sobo” - Lit. “Your (my) grandmother”; and from my understanding, it would be p rude to call someone else’s grandma soba? I haven’t been able to tell if obaasan is more polite and soba is more casual within family, or some other hierarchy structure.

So I guess... have at least a novice level knowledge of words/culture before using a translator or dictionary? 😳

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