I’m not usually into MtG much, but the D&D set just dropped, and I helped my bud John unbox a large batch today. So much fun seeing familiar things and characters represented.

And the humble Flumph is actually a Rare card; being what, a CR 1/8 in D&D and Lawful Good, it totally makes sense they’d have Defender and no points in attack 😂

John thoughtfully sleeved it, and gifted the squishy baby to me!

- c-19, depression (of others), anti-vax 

From the only TRD group I could find.
Old biddies turning to hysterics claiming the vaccine MUST be making depression worse, bc it wasn’t SPECIFICALLY tested on depressed ppl???

It… doesn’t even target specifically the brain? Why jump to that conclusion? It’s literally just you? I’m fine, other depressed ppl are fine, stop fear mongering jfc

My timeline did a thing.
Remembering, and forgetting.

Am I the only one that feels like this is what is actually being said?

A wild, unfinished & miscolored Pride flag! 😦

(ACAB)(what fresh new hell does red/blue represent?)

Horrible idea. The only fruit that pairs with cola is cherry.

When I study Japanese basics while falling asleep; I give you the new Kanji radical known as SWS

...yes it was 9 AM.

7 sec video & audio: If there weren’t text, I’d have no idea what I just heard???

Were those words? She sounds asleep or fucking drunk

Better on typed input, but changed nuance between distinguishing “one’s grandmother” 「おばあさん」(Obaasan) from “my grandmother” 「祖母」(Sobo).

So from switching Japanese to English and back, I got “Anata no sobo” - Lit. “Your (my) grandmother”; and from my understanding, it would be p rude to call someone else’s grandma soba? I haven’t been able to tell if obaasan is more polite and soba is more casual within family, or some other hierarchy structure.

So I guess... have at least a novice level knowledge of words/culture before using a translator or dictionary? 😳

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Uhhh... Microsoft Translator’s camera translation is... not to be relied on. The rest is fine as far as I’ve tested it. Let’s plug this one in and see what we get...

「JR 上野公園ぐち」- 柳美里

“Tokyo Ueno Station” by Yu Miri

I just bought this book on a recommendation, I forget where... but it’s about a poor man who works on the construction of the 60’s (?) Japanese Olympics, and while he’s away from home, an earthquake and resulting tsunami wipes out his family and hometown. So he ends up homeless in Ueno Park.

A collection:

1&2: I would like the gender neutral bathroom, and to use the chaotic good cubicle once the Pegasus is done, plz.

3: no sticker, but mah Walgreens bandaid from THE VAXX: Part 1

screenshot, pedotalk; non graphic (proof of illegality) 

Thx for admitting ur scum folks

So since the xanax getting ripped away was doing a number on me, i’m swappin a portion of it out with a gentler med at night that lasts longer. Also helps me sleep real good. So good, I fell dead asleep doing some studies on my phone, and woke up to THIS:

🧐 something tells me that’s incorrect...

Aw found baby’s best Reddit comment, and best transphobe burn, all in one.

Though it leaves out the fact i was also PRIMARY HEALS ✨ no support, no heals = you GON DIE 😬

weight loss, positivity (no size shame) 

Muh graph

ideally dont even do this it’s probably bad 💀

Its jan til now. (165.? - 130.2)
Events lining up:
- major depression & not fucking eating
- oh hey bad sushi poisoning
- cautious return to “food”
- adopted obsessively picky eating pattern (worked w diet counseling to make sure i hit minimum goals for eating full damn meals)
- still wobblin, now only benzo fuckery is messing with me

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Back being helpful (to mutual bros from the before times that I can’t say HEY to) again. This Q just tickled me a lot. I love the accidentally funny ones 😂

At least they’ll find the difference memorable!

I can’t help it, I love our stinky pheromone laden trade friends.

I want a book, movie, show, or comic all about Jawas.
Btw, my second favorite aliens are Ithorians. Thank you Tales From the Cantina and Momaw Nadon.

Since I discovered it, I like to browse Quora for interesting facts and stories.

Yesterday I came on a hate comment about Muslims (as seen in pic) and replied. “So bc some people do this, all Muslims are to blame? Lets go out on a limb here since u have no photo and a vanilla name, and assume you’re white like me. Are we KKK? I’m not, and you probably aren’t either. See, that’s stereotyping in a hateful way.
So grow up and stop being a bigot.”

5 MINUTES LATER my post was deleted as Hate Speech. I appealed it, stating staff should look at what I replied to, and the commenters reply HISTORY which includes Transphobia and Homophobia.

Today they refused my appeal, and every single one of his obviously hateful posts ARE still up after being reported.

I guess if you evangelical and right wing, mods love you.

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