i wish i was underneath a thousand fluffy eevees right now...

*walks out of the shower and picks up the eevee sitting on the towel rack, and dries myself off with them* ahh, nothing like a nice cold shower in the summer :3

haven't posted here in awhile, so here's an update:


i retweeted someone's headcanon on birdsite that red and leaf are the same person, just presenting differently! i think that's cute... genderfluid icon

*goes outside and sits in the dark*

real phantump hours...

kinda spoilers for new pokemon gym leader Show more


fairy-type club that's not a club: it's a roller rink!

and I do the dj'ing there! well, i don't. but they play a lot of the music i would put on anyway!

When asked "which Pokémon is the first one?" without any further context, five answers are valid:

Bulbasaur :bulbasaur: is number #001 in the National Pokédex
Arceus :arceus: is a deity in the Pokémon mythology it hatched from an egg then cerated the universe
Mew :mew: is the common ancestor of all non-Mythical Pokémon, and probably most mythical Pokémon as well
Poliwag :poliwag: was the first Pokémon created by Satoshi Tajiri that ended up in the games. It also has #001 in the Pokédex assigned in early concepts
Rhydon :rhydon: has the internal ID 0x01 in Generation 1 (0x00 is the glitch Pokémon 'M, often mistaken for MissingNO. because it uses the same sprite, but it's not an official Pokémon)

in pokemon swsh you should be able to pick up the switch in your room and have the game ask "would you like to play a switch game?" and if you pick yes it resets the game

i saw pichu AND glaceon plushies at the store... cuties

super pokemon maker

make your own pokemon game and share it with friends

what's pokemon masters? i was wondering why there was a sudden influx of art/fanart of trainers

i wonder if pro wrestling in the pokemon universe existed before the discovery of machop and hawlucha

heck, i was thinking that sword and shield would be the first pokemon games where the console in your bedroom is also the console you're playing on, but i guess let's go would have done that first, huh

(although it'd be cool if there was a SNES in let's go instead, since it is a gen 1 remake)

the shinx wears pants to cover their shame

(they got a tattoo a long time ago and now they're embarrassed about it!)

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