had a dream i was watching some weird cartoon movie thing that was about kid's media from the late 90s/early 00s that had "grown up" and it had a cute trans girl plusle in it!

reference to something highly nsfw 

*attempts to toot "i want to ride a scolipede" but alarms go off and agents take my phone and change it to "i want to ride a scolipede like a horse"*

i want to lay on a larger pokemon's tummy and sink into the soft fur...

unown emoji spam 

downright scandalous toot 

but before that, a scrafty invited me to come see their ska punk band perform somewhere at like 9 pm. seems like a good time!

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happy to say that i talked to the DJ at the pink cloud club, the fairy type dance club in town, and they let me put "steppin' out" on the playlist for tonite's NYE party!

all braixen ocs are valid but the validest one i ever saw was one that was chumby and dessert themed. they had a spoon instead of a stick

i wanna kiss a scorbunny right on the tape... nose... thing

"Pikachu: An Artless Creation

According to Pikachu's creator Atsuko Nishida, Pikachu never had any art before she programmed its sprite. The sprite seen in Red & Green is the ORIGINAL Pikachu design.

Actually, lots of early Pokemon were created this way -- without even a sketch."

Source : t.co/nijpg5OZFm

just saw a raboot walk out of the pokemon center wearing a cone like it was their bandana hoodie thing

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