did yuo kno: petting audino tummies (after asking them) is 100% proven* to give you good luck! [Citation needed]

i like the moments in the anime where pikachu gets embarrassed or disappointed and they go "u///u peega..."

there needs to be more spinda girl ocs

:spinda:​ ❤️ :audino:

@audreyaudino Zigzagoon are the biggest Ska fans because they have the ability Pickup! 🎷 :ziggy:

important question: which pokemon is the biggest ska fan

sometimes i feel the stuff i post about pokemon is embarrassing because i'm a weirdo :D

i mean honestly if i randomly woke up as a pokemon, and let's say, a snivy was like "oh my gosh! are you alright?!"

i'd be more like "hey wanna go on a date?" not "i need to get back to being a human"

pokemon mystery dungeon game where you wake up as a pokemon wearing a bandana and then a pokemon comes and takes you to their village

at some point, someone asks you to go into a scary cave to rescue another poke

someone else takes up the offer though, so you just kinda hang out in the village

that's when you realize, instead of it being a mystery dungeon game, it's a dating simulator

oh and ohrdoch - oh doch - oh but

(apparently! this is from bulbapedia and google translate)

points for most names for the species being... no clue what they're called but like

audino - i dunno
tabunne - tabun ne - maybe
nanméouïe - non mais oui - no but yes

audino are canonically unsure of things! i... guess?

i'm sorry but the german name for audino doesn't match the species at all

i can't imagine an audino going "Ohrdoch!!"

did you know?

in japan, the character "audrey audino" is named "tabitha tabunne"

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