smeargle is cute artist babey and i love thenm... :smeargle:​ πŸ’• :audino:​

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did you know?: eevee was once an official wrestler for new japan pro wrestling

i'm conflicted... i don't wanna get spoiled on swsh but also i wanna see the big buny evo...

She waited until the last second to do her costume! (Just like me with this drawing...)

Happy Halloween!!!

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in case you're wondering, yes, i do this with every applicable ice type! and thankfully, only the first time

me, checking up on a pokemon at the pokemon center: *takes the thermometer out of their mouth* oh my god... this is very low. you're almost ice cold!

the glaceon: shut up

plusle and minun are the cheering pokemon??? WHY have i never seen them in cute cheerleading outfits???

oh no i typed "salazzle" in the image description instead of "salandit"!! i'm a fake pokemon fan.......

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πŸŽ‰ :audino:​ πŸŽ‰

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