I don’t know what it is exactly but +R has gotten kind of not fun to play lately. Not sure how much of that is Kliff and how much is the game as a whole

Current plan, assuming I get some stuff resolved in the next couple of weeks, is to go to another instance and refollow people from there, but maybe keep this one to post gaming crap

I think the worst part is their edit content isn’t actually that terrible on the face of it, but is just substantial enough that it feels a little bad to simply undo it all. And yet I’ve kind of been doing that more and more, and might even be more aggressive about it in future. I don’t have the time. I want to do other things. As it is, their edits by themselves invariably make the articles worse. They have seemingly no sense of information flow; they just *need* to obsess over random shit like a character’s gender expression.

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There’s an editor on the wiki I contribute to who, since April, has done a lot of editing. Unfortunately, the content of the edits is largely, well, shit. The typos are numerous, a lot of facts are wrong, and they persistently overemphasize random bizarre things. I think maybe there’s grounds for banning them for edit warring, but even with that, it kind of feels to me like I’d be trying to ban them because they suck at editing. At this point I’d consider them the worst editor of their level of activity the wiki has ever had (and I don’t say that lightly). Babysitting their edits has come to take up way too much of my “free work” time; it’s gotten damn near life-disrupting, and ground everything else I’ve wanted to get done to a stop. I might have to ban them just to preserve my own spoons…

Kind of wondering now if I should “take root” here or try to sign up to another instance like weirder earth. It would be easier to decide if I could look into their local timeline…

This video by Khadija Mbowe came out around the time I was searching around for instances. I think spaces like the fediverse have relied a lot on shaming, and it has made it increasingly difficult for me to justify discussing anything political in this space over time.


Thought I'd share this as it reflects a lot of how I currently view leftist politics, particularly in the West.


Why the heck does Belinda Stronach have an account here lol

Hello! I'm one of those neurodivergent child overachievers who crashed in college. Managed to graduate in math and physics, but all degrees are useless when you're one of me.

I mostly play fighting games and JRPGs. I also write stuff for and help maintain a wiki. I watch too much YouTube, mainly video essays. Life circumstances have killed a lot of my previous hobbies, and they may change yet again...

I have an account on mastodon.social that I've had for 4 years now, but I feel that the circle of people I have regular contact with there has gotten increasingly insular (among other things) over time. This is an attempt at a journey into a different side of the fediverse, because I'm not sure if it's just me not really playing well with the microblogging concept. I may still re-follow a few people from that account to this one. Not sure on that yet.


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