I'm playing with my friends, and it's so satisfying to see a buddy get into a game you like.


@cehteshami I don’t know when I’ll be able to play Sw/Sh, but I do know that I plan to dominate the Galar League with this bird 💪🏼

So, Hannah is starting her run for the Elite 4! She's on her way to win her very first Championship in


I'm thinking of tying a neckerchief like this on my Turtwig plush when I bring it with me on Turtwig day.


I kind of hope that the Alolan Mega Evolution Pokedex entries were part of a plan to phase out Megas, it's diabolical.

Hey! I wanted to share an announcement video for our channel, mostly because if you skip to 45 minutes in, it's a slide show of Z-moves that I've been working on!


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