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I'm so glad she lives here now. It poured all day yesterday and she slept on the floor pillow and didn't have to go outside ever. I still wish she knew how to cuddle but that will come with time I think.

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having old man backs when ur 20 is transmasc culture

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Do they deliberately use the longest voltron animation so they have to write/animate less actual show?

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Hi all,

My god, this post went off! Thanks for the 48 confirmed Pokemon so far! A few things:
- I've put all the info so far into a spreadsheet and will regularly update it! Let me know if I've messed anyone's choices up:
- NO, Squirtle and Pikachu are no longer available, sorry!

Thank you!

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Trying to make a Mastodon Pokedex! Reply with the Pokemon you identify as, one per person, first come first served. Boosts+!

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I can’t figure out if I feel really shitty or if I’m growing up, but I’m ditching Dnd AND Pokémon to stay home and “heal.” Who are you and what have you done with me?

no im definitely not thinking about going out when im sick just to spin a pokestop and buy discount candy. my precious streak must be maintained!!

So no Pokémon switch news in the direct? Are we gonna get it usher back to 2020?

The only thing that just stopped me from buying coins in was that my head is resting on one of my hands and I didn’t want to have to move it to type my password.

I’m so excited to finally play KH3 but holy shit the plot of this series is utter nonsense. Every summary video is just a string of words in a random order.

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