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Wait no I can't sleep because I took a fucking nap at 8pm. Bad idea was bad. I KNEW i would wake up later all rested, I've done it SO MANY TIMES. But I foolishly thought, THIS TIME, I'll actually stay asleep all night and be all rested tomorrow.

Wow it’s been 24 hours and I’ve done a complete 180. And now I can’t sleep because of it.

If you are reading this and you know me in real life: it is not about you. I promise.

Me: Oh fuck I have a crush on my friend. Damn it. I need to kill it.
Every single fucking article in the entire universe: You should tell me!

That feel when you're furry trash and you roll for your (not furry) dnd character's kinks and he turns out to also be furry trash.
Son. My son. I did not ask for this mockery.

i did my due diligence to hide it by panic-changing my icon from my fursona to my dnd character. what else can i do?

I'm so bad at being in the closet. If my friends have two brain cells to rub together they know I'm a furry.

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While, on the one hand, I respect Ash’s Pikachu’s right to self-determination, I can’t imagine why anyone *wouldn’t* want to be a Raichu.

You still get to be sparky rat, but bigger, cuter, and (most importantly) chonkier. There is no downside :raichu::raichu_alola:

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Still can hardly believe the Pokémon Company made a trans pride Eevee and named them after Sylvia Rivera :sylveon:

"Is that bubblebeam?!"

WAIT they have the continuity to say THATS the same jigglypuff but they cant bother to get the dittos right? OUTRAGE

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But also father kukui is the best. Not to be confused with daddy kukui

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I can't be the only one who gets mad about ditto face, right? It's just that was the ENTIRE POINT OF THE EPISODE. THAT IT WAS THE ONLY DITTO WHO DID THAT AND IT NEEDED TO LEARN TO NOT SHOW ITS FACE. I get it, it's cute, i'll tolerate it for merch. but why did the whole anime canon just forget that most dittos make perfect replicas???

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This is...not what I was looking for, google. I get that my search was vague but this was a weird choice.

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