@unascribed @SilviaFox@sleeping.town err, right, 151

i'm only doing them in pairs so i'm not eternally 10 days behind :P

@SilviaFox@sleeping.town maybe after i finish the original 150 i should start doing random pokefusions :P

(this is to spice it up so i'm not always drawing two evolutions of the same pokemon every day)

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finally sat down and worked out my schedule, which im officially a full week behind on. from today forward im gonna do: the pokemon for the day i'm on, and one random pokemon i skipped

okay i was sure the name of the pokemon was "ninetails" but apparently its actually ninetales and now i dont wanna go back and fix everything since that was a long image description

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okay, now that i'm done queering the nido binary, i'll be doing two _separate_ pokemon a day until i'm caught up :p

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