absolutely do not give swords to your children

Web 3 33 65

i thought this was bad when i drew it the other day so i didnt post it but turns out its actually good

i mean i can see a dozen things id like to fix but, EHHH. IT'S FINE

stop telling me to draw the swords pok茅mon with swords!!!

@codl Start out with sticks and hand-to-hand combat. Sword training can start after they prove to have body and surrounding awareness, and understand that knives chop off body parts that don't grow back.

@codl My youngest understands the latter. But she lacks awareness of her surroundings. No sword for her, yet.

@Siphonay you dont need a sword wxhen you are sword. thats just how it be

@codl But why do you have to need a sword to have a sword

tired: gun with a sword
wired: sword with a gun
ascended: sword with a sword

@codl consider: cyndaquil with a dagger, quilava with a sword, and typhlosion with a claymore

@codl or any other three-stage evolution line of your choice. i'm biased

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