happy pride month! or wrath month this year I suppose

if you'd like one of these, keep your eye out! I'll be opening more slots this saturday

some sketchbook pokemon, I'll probably do this again soon because it was fun so feel free to suggest some pokemon that you might like me to draw!

i was trying to do a thing with pop team epic. and pokémon. not sure if that was clear

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year of the rattata year of the rattata year of the rattata

i found out today that yesterday was appreciate a dragon day. i didn't appreciate a dragon yesterday but rest assured that i will appreciate every dragon type i see today

ジメレオンとラビフットの友情のシーンです #ポケモンイラスト

Trying out my new light box and watering down my acrylic ink for a water color effect. Used Phanpy as a test subject. Still the best elephant Pokemon!

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