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i will not be stopped by outdated concepts like "days"

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Oneiric Ocelot (inspired by Ubuntu release 11.10) just awakened from a dream about cake and is ready to party. #ubuntu πŸŽ‚ πŸ’• #art #illustration #mastoart

Would anybody be willing to help maintaining @pokenews ?

i heard something about glaceon day? happy birthday to all glaceons

been thinking about gengar most of the day

this thing haunts me every time i go to pick a brush.. it is my greatest mistake

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i should get into the habit to sign the drawings i post, even if they're not great, finished pieces. not because i'm worried that someone will steal them, but to clarify that i'm not just posting someone else's art uncredited

potd bot: something thats just a sphere or a pear or a bean with a face
me: (puts my drawing shoes on) lets go babey. professional illustrator coming thru. i can create anything

potd bot: anything else
me: good bye i will never draw again

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