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stop telling me to draw the swords pokémon with swords!!!

i should draw more pokémon with swords

i mean i can see a dozen things id like to fix but, EHHH. IT'S FINE

i thought this was bad when i drew it the other day so i didnt post it but turns out its actually good

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just found this in my avatars folder. its mario thinking about spaghetti

i used to have good avatars

i want to drawpile with people but im tired of always organising these things

i think i was probably super self conscious about spending months without drawing anything

now im just like whatever its fine i do other things too

previous years

apparently i had never done either 2017 or 2016 so i had to scramble to make them just now

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im deffo better at sketching on paper and I think a great deal of that is because of my tablet's surface

since my tablet is a tablet pc not intended for art, it has a terribly slick glass surface which makes it hard to be precise and intentional with my strokes

uncropped version of my new avatar for my other account @codl :mareep:

couldnt clean it anymore than that cos all i have rn is a trackpad 😩

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