so today
I installed activate linux on my secondary pc so i can fit in with the normies

just heard someone refer to cave johnson as "one of the best characters in [portal 2]", a game with three characters

God I need to be more active in more places other than twitter

Hi everyone, here some news

I now offer monthly membership starting from 3$ on my Kofi page. I also offer commission discounts and free shipping.

I'm constantly updating it with new prints and stickers (I hope to have keychans and charms soon). Check it out at:

Here are some of my favorite recent pieces:
#pixelart #mastoart #pixelanimation

Discord just shoved a really crappy update to the android client up my ass
It looks dogcrap and broke the sharing functionality

Maintaining arch linux becomes a nightmare when you forgot to pacman -Syu for a week

Kinda wish mastodon supports material you teeming
How cool would it be to have my funky purple colour scheme I have on mastodon

I just installed the steam deck theme onto my Linux install
Such a coincidence that the steam deck uses KDE as its desktop

It feels funky not having an algorithm dictating me what to do it just feels weird seeing only my own toots and nothing else on the timeline

testing markdown
hi this should be a code block

So uh hi
I'm crazynoob
I exist and I'm quite new to the fediverse
I have a presence on twitter and tumblr too
I'm a huge tech junkie just... don't expect me to program well
So uhhhh reshiram amiright my favourite pokemon pretty obvious by my pfp on twitter and tumblr and soon to be on here
So yeah
That's it

I gotta hop on my pc to upload my banner and crap

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