This mew on the new artwork, does it think it's alolan raichu? How cute!

Animal crossing direct 

Wait Sasha is a unisex name

While yoshino/shino could just be a Oni deer...


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Animal crossing direct 

The new villagers aaahhhhhh

These two look quite androgynous I love themmmmm

But according to en names they're probably just girls huh...

The switch now supports Bluetooth?!??!! 😱😱😱

I've been playing unite and FFXIV lately that's all yep

I forgot about this place once again

But well it's better to have somewhere spared from my machine gun gacha game screenshots

Don't get me wrong I am also a fan of eldegoss

...I just apparently ain't suited to be playing support.
Currently working best with :slowbro:​ or :ninetales_alola:

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I never thought :gardevoir:​ would come so quick I should have saved and not buy :eldegoss:​ ugh
(Aka I'm only playing unite cause I'm a big fan of gardevoir)

Unite is a lot more fun than it seems at first...

Hmm unite is currently available for network test...

Although I don't have good experience with mobas so I'm not keen 😔​

Talk about tough love, papa just threw his son off a cliff

Stop Kirby abuse 😤​ then I remembered wait...can't he fly... and yes he did

I refuse to believe I have turned my left analog stick on my PS4 controller too hard it's not jammed

It definitely has to be something else it wouldn't just suddenly gain the infamous joycon drift disease

When your playstyle for any game is 'short bursts of absolute intense fixation' yep

I have died and got isekai'd to eorzea yes yes

Whenever I play AC with it after I stop moving my character I realise my character seems to keep turning slightly to the right/anti-clockwise. No matter the direction I stop in

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I had planned to change my switch look in June but I had to switch (no pun intended) it thanks to my original blue joy con seemingly starting to suffer from joy con drift

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