web shorts are still ok I saw molcar just fine. Maybe its my dying attention span. approx 10mins feel like the utmost threshold

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lately it feels kinda hard to even get back into anything thats like a show, it feels so...detached I get bored easily before it ends

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I don't like live action dramas much and the last I saw anime was like in 2018 (violet evergarden)

been living on game 実況 for so long

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Before I saw no point in it because lots of things were region locked but now I can see theres tons of stuff on it but...I've got nothing I actually want /want/ to see

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thanks to mobile network recontracts and stuff I've got netflix now but

yeah now what?

Rosie/Bouquet just left so... maybe if I get my snooty to leave I'd run into Judy/Misuzu XD

she was the 1st miles ticket I used to I'm honestly quite shocked

at this rate I'm going to find everyone else except for Raymond the one I've been looking for

i forgot tweetdeck existed and it makes everything more bearable

Getting tired of that bird 🐦 site but it's where I get all the news

ya I don't remember what they are but well I'm definitely gonna make sure to tell myself to keep these. They were a hell to collect

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we had this collectable coin magnets thingy from like 7 eleven or something one year that I'm pretty sure I didn't toss...probably

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well they might be bootlegs for all I know I was just a kid that liked collecting shiny things when young

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ya know...sometimes being here actually seeing other pokefans, I feel a certain regret in my being for tossing out all my old cards I collected

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