Country's just weird the same thing happened with the switch.

Gaming used to be looked down upon as a nerd hobby and now thanks to 2020 shenanigans, everyone wants a switch and many promos are like 'win a brand new Nintendo switch!'. Even the telcos are selling the switch as part of their products along with smartphones...

Oh yes Nintendo is giving away another free week of nso 🎉​

Little boys and girls who will never know what the now young adults had gone through when they were kids...

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Also just a little fun fact

Pokemon was actually banned in my country when I was a little kid.

Thanks to some Christianity thing pokemon was likened to demons and thus was banned.
One day the shelves had merchandise next day everything gone

It honestly feels really surreal now that the whole country was taken by storm thanks to pokemon go and now pikachu is everywhere. From mall adverts to free gift redemptions at malls. All the kids and adults love pikachu now

I've always wondered if anyone plays pokemas here

But it doesn't seem like hmm 🤔​

Yes I get sad when I get told off

But most importantly is to not let this little bit sadness from the criticism take away everything that makes me happy

It doesn't bother me because I will like whatever I wish to and as long as that makes me happy why should I account for someone else's perception/bias

My tastes not changing honestly has come to bite me in the ass quite a bit

>still a kid
>act your age

although i wish theyd stop just randomly sitting on the ground everywhere

Probably should have used a better phrase like
Log off or put away

Well whatever I am sleepy my current mental capacity isn't able to access my brains dictionary right now

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Sleepy but unable to sleep means,
Get off the stuff that admits blue light and just close my eyes right?

No it doesn't

Occasionally I feel a little awkward talking about other things not pokemon here...

But I'm into many things!
Like ffxiv and granblue fantasy and animal crossing.

And a myraid of free to play games on mobile and a bunch of other console games and stuff.

Pokemon series rumours 

There's a rumour for dppt remakes I heard...

Definitely skeptical but hey would be cool

I miss the custom poke all feature so much

Imagine that and trainer customisation...

Snap... While I think its really cool I don't think I'd buy it. So guys come on when its out please spoil me and send me screenshots of mew (well if its in it that is)

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