I've not been here for a while and then I forgot the server address...😏​

Galar wasn't even that long ago either so I thought I'd remember the things that happened...turns out I don't.

Memory is funny

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So I did all the region quizzes and thought to myself 'aww man I don't remember any of the old generation stuffs plus I played those games in English not Japanese'
Then it turns out I scored significantly higher for kanto, johto, hoenn and sinnoh (80-90s) compared to unova, kalos, alola and galar
The lowest score of which is unova (granted I didn't like bw2) at 50s/100
And the next being kalos (60s) which is my favourite region...

Pokémon Generation 9 has been announced! The games will be Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet: twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/

The region seems to be based on Spain

Pokémon presents 2022 

the ninth generation is upon us !!!!

After a lot of trial an error, I finally feel satisfied with my makeover of sherb's house

Funny thing here
The total hours spent...is far less than my current total hours I've put into xiv for last year alone

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The feeling of buttons on a spare controller I barely use VS one I use all the time

Just one big oof

Giving myself motivation to finish assignments by saying 'its a valentine's Day gift to the markers'

When I was searching for another tw_tter alternative I found this cool one that can incorporate mastodon as well. Its great, now I don't have to keep extra apps/shortcuts around.

Nintendo direct 10 feb (Kirby) 

My little boy is a car your argument is invalid >:)

...he's really flexible and stretchable isn't he... hahaha

There's a certain species of avian hanging around this neighborhood who's hells bent on laying eggs in my laundry 🤔

Checking in on my villagers too once in a while and changing up the island too. It's not super duper pretty compared to others but it's probably alright... As long as I'm happy right

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52 days since my last appearance here but i can't help it living a double life in eorzea and real responsibilities isn't easy :)

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