Also just a little fun fact

Pokemon was actually banned in my country when I was a little kid.

Thanks to some Christianity thing pokemon was likened to demons and thus was banned.
One day the shelves had merchandise next day everything gone

It honestly feels really surreal now that the whole country was taken by storm thanks to pokemon go and now pikachu is everywhere. From mall adverts to free gift redemptions at malls. All the kids and adults love pikachu now

@crystalia I assume it was because they “evolve” (even though it resembles metamorphosis more than anything). Regardless it does sound pretty surreal.


@RelaxingRancho I honestly have no idea why but that could be one reason... I guessed it was the appearance of some of them since a good chunk was indeed based on yokai (Japanese spirits/monsters) but well we'll never know now. Just feels really weird, growing up in a time where I had to hide everything and now every kid has some doll with them or they're playing go.

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