Admittedly for the first 4 gens it's all en names since I only switched to playing in jp after the 5th gen

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Pokemon too I just stick to whichever clicks more with me

I say alcremie but I also use hibunny for example

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I alternate between the jp and en names so often sometimes I feel bad

my dreamie is sherb and I already have him he's baby

I actually thought chachamaru's Canon catchphrase was pien

Salted cream w/ Berry was the first alcremie I had,

then a bunch of rainbow cream w/ a variety of sweets but I used the one with the Heart longest as it could gigantamax

And now its the Ruby Cream w/ Ribbon thanks to it having perfect IVs and I fed it that curry

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coincidentally these three are indeed alchemies that have gone through my team with the current resident Alcremie being the Ruby Cream w/ Ribbon sweet variety

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stalking amiami and i see some alchemies and there I go '/EXCITED WHALE NOISES'

@whimsicott @sachirin ooo cool. Pokemas seems to be the big underdog now I feel it made me wonder

Country's just weird the same thing happened with the switch.

Gaming used to be looked down upon as a nerd hobby and now thanks to 2020 shenanigans, everyone wants a switch and many promos are like 'win a brand new Nintendo switch!'. Even the telcos are selling the switch as part of their products along with smartphones...

@RelaxingRancho I honestly have no idea why but that could be one reason... I guessed it was the appearance of some of them since a good chunk was indeed based on yokai (Japanese spirits/monsters) but well we'll never know now. Just feels really weird, growing up in a time where I had to hide everything and now every kid has some doll with them or they're playing go.

Oh yes Nintendo is giving away another free week of nso 🎉​

Little boys and girls who will never know what the now young adults had gone through when they were kids...

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Also just a little fun fact

Pokemon was actually banned in my country when I was a little kid.

Thanks to some Christianity thing pokemon was likened to demons and thus was banned.
One day the shelves had merchandise next day everything gone

It honestly feels really surreal now that the whole country was taken by storm thanks to pokemon go and now pikachu is everywhere. From mall adverts to free gift redemptions at malls. All the kids and adults love pikachu now

I've always wondered if anyone plays pokemas here

But it doesn't seem like hmm 🤔​

Yes I get sad when I get told off

But most importantly is to not let this little bit sadness from the criticism take away everything that makes me happy

It doesn't bother me because I will like whatever I wish to and as long as that makes me happy why should I account for someone else's perception/bias

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