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that expansion twilight wings episode just full of fan service XD

After i purged my saved designs slots and started over a new clesn slate, then redownloading designs all over again from my bookmarks/favourites im actually left with a handful of empty slots


Just wow

Oh and finally my parcel that ive been waiting for arrived. It took a while definitely i dont get why my stuff keeps getting stuck at customs

Ok well maybe i do theyre just stupid slow here for a myriad of reasons

I like ffxiv a lot but the community aspects actually kinda frighten me so i prefer to play solo and rely on random matching one time party play

If theres no the end its just either one day i get bored of it and it fades from memory and thats it

At least the end on a console game i can remember as ok wow i have finished i have seen the end credits (kinda like movies)

But ok its actually because i dont play online most of the time i prefer to play on my own

I know some people think its lonely or if its a single player game you just play it finish it and the end
But i like things this way i can play whenever i want however i want no obligations no responsibility to other players

Im cheap i just rely on the free nso codes given by nintendo

Nso ending thurs better finalise all the designs i want to save

theres nothing wrong with the ui here dont get me wrong. its so much better

i just think the normal colours are boring XD

this theme made by someone will do for now the colours do pop more now

im tempted to write a style just so I can change the colours here but im not familiar yet with this site and there's a thing called 'procrastination'

though the switch (and other consoles for that matter) only connect to that or something else that's arguably even worse 😔​

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that certain blue bird is getting ridiculous in its ux/ui I am loosing my patience

no motivation to farm shiny tapus (got 3 of them saved already)
got no motivation to farm mushrooms bc you need regular adult trees on your island which is a big no for me
much even less motivation for life

so many reasons to beat them up (the postal service) but hey what to do theres only 1 here

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just checked this it was shipped from jp in 29oct it really should be here already but its not found in the local system

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its been 2 days where is it I dont pay priority just to not get my parcel within the week

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sometimes the postal services are really quick

and sometimes they be sitting on your stuff at the sorting centre

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