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Ok i actually reinstalled genshin again bc i read that at the stormterror boss fight you can
1) climb up on him
2) use the wind currents to go to a safe platform w/o the dot veins

…… right now i just feel both like i cant believe i was so stupid and i cant believe i could still chear it without knowing those things

Look ysee ive just played a lot of code vein back in the day

(Makes me wanna try a souls game tbh)

Day XXXX of not remembering to eat when its lunch time

it seems to be the 1 year anniversary of swsh today cool

now that Ive removed genshin from my life Ive found time for granblue again I'm sorry gbf Ill never abandon you (to full auto) ever again...

...except when Im subbed to xiv

I got kinda worried just in case my account got hacked (I use it to connect and backup to a lot of mobile games) but seems fine thankfully. I switched the backup/connected accounts to my alt anyway just out of worry

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So weird today on tw♡tter

I had a bot like a (nonexistent) tweet of mine, said tweet was just a mish mash gibberish mess of english words

Once i blocked the bot i couldnt find the tweet

Happy ps5 release day folks

(No i dont have one)

Watch meaning. Im playing on my switch while i leave it to play in the background

Thanks to covid classes are online and recorded im not even motivated enough to attend on time i just watch the recording

I told myself no xiv durning this last semester but im not seeing myself slack off/procrastinate from school work any less than if i was subbed to xiv

i dont really pay atttention when playing so yeah, didnt know

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hey it beats seeing the solrock wobuffet dudes cant complain, just kinda shocked

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heading to a max raid den and seeing avery like なんでお前がここに?!?!?!!

Sometimes when i look at other alcremies i regret not evolving cocoa (6 iv) into a salted cream w/ star sweet
But no no salted is too mainstream its fine ruby swirl is super cute and the ribbon sweet is best

just some food for thought

thinking, if there's something you don't want others to know/find out, you shouldn't say it 🤔​ If ppl say something its because they do want others to find out/know or to share with someone.

Personally, Im not going to say anything that I don't want people to know/find out about. So for myself I don't see the need for private accounts anymore. If there's a need to tell someone I know something privately there are DMs and messaging and the like

No reason for this really just something that passed my mind

i looked at history and realised I actually have bought online service before

to use with pokemon home so I could transfer my dears from the DS and before 😂​

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one doesnt play gbf one just presses the full auto button

a friend is so amazed at me keeping up with gbf while doing every other thing in life but theres no secret its just ~full auto~

i miscalculated when my free nso is ending oops
not that I have anything to do with it in particular though, I always wonder how people love playing online so much

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