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Also franklin? Excuse me?? Im allergic to shellfish! /jk
My character is probably fine they can eat anything

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If the data (leaks?) for new horizons thanksgiving is true

My motivation just dropped so badly. Fishing in acnh isnt something i enjoy doing and i also refuse to have regular adult trees on my island.

I dont remember much about my childhood and its probably for good reason but hey the future is more impt yes look at all the new games and remakes and reboots yessssss

And hopefully we're free from covid

Its like no one likes 2020 and everyones just looking back to the past while said past has decided to revist our lives next year 2021…🤔

Man i…remember i played it…?? But thats p much everything i remember about it

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Well i mean it is due in january so

I was planning to work on it in nov but well procrastination happens

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im supposed to hand in a draft of my thesis to my supervisor in 2 days but i havnt wrote anything oofs

I think the 2nd game was more of how cool i thought the last area was

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my only memory is of mew and the many times i repeated that minigame with mew


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i honestly dont remember much about that game its been too long

and my wii doesnt work anymore

/looks at emulators

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pokepark also woke me up to how smol joltik is

no I was genuinely surprised that wat its....smol...??????

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pokepark more like how much/long do you think I spent just idling beside mew 😂​

just after this (I was TTing) Reneigh got into an argument with Tea and gifted her a Frugal outfit as an apology


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these kids fought again. This time it was kid and dotty and dotty sent him this as an apology

i was so afraid for a moment bc they're not known to have good taste when sending each other gifts...

I actually forget about this place out of habit i just stick to twitter (and also a lot of official accounts are there)

I really miss jp i want to travel mext year but /points to the number of cases they have
This country will definitely not allow flights to/from jp

Also i just feel like if i quit bc of rngesus i am not worthy to fight it anymore so idk maybe ill dedicate some time to it

Ive gotten sh#t pulls in gbf too and we dont talk about that

Out with the bad luck in with the good luck

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