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Sometimes i just really feel like restarting my island but i just cannot bring myself to say goodbye to sherb forever

I could get him again but it wouldnt be the same

Also got a new switch cover and thumbgrips to match the winter

Deadlines catching up to me real quick and procrastination is in full swing

So i was at kinokuniya earlier today and i came across some kids(middle/seconday school?) looking at nendoroids

Young girl (probably 15?): Oh so this is miku! /pointing to her nendo This is the first time ive seen her. So shes the one who sang that song on tiktok

Like opposide gender counterparts to existing ones

Like Brotherly to Sisterly
insert other synonyms for the other personalities

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A thought passed by and said "what if we have more villager types/personalities"

And well eventually someone has to sacrifice themselves for my trophy cat


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2 lazy, 2 snooty, 2 normal, 1 jock, 1 peppy, 1 cranky, 1 sisterly

Got over my one sided bias and invited another lazy on my island

No idea how theyll interact but ok

I must not think only sherb exists

One day maybe ill start a new a/c on my switch to replay shield

I got it once for pokemon just to move my babies from bank

The only minus is that i dont get to dl custom designs thats it

No i dont have nso i see no need for it when i prefer to play solo or full offline games

I just wish at the airport it went like

Use miles ticket > confirm
Online features > Visit/Welcome visitors

Not like

Miles ticket

Sometimes i just spam the A button?? Or my left hand doesnt press down in time before my right presses A

Man devs will it take 3 years to implement some qol changes like menu tweeks moving rocks manually CHANGING NAMES??? Hope not

Tanukichi-san sorrymasen ill pay my loan eventually /renovates house exterior again

Thanksgiving is tomorrow \o/

I know i complained but then i still transplanted some trees to my island …right yeah

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