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I'm a grower* AND a shower**

*I'm growing enormous tiddies

**I will show you my enormous tiddies

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Gotta pin a post to warn my followers that I'm hornier on masto than I am on twitter

Can't believe people donated 500 quid in like half a day to help me with a shitty council tax bill. People are crazy generous

I just feel like if someone wanted to take over the Enterprise they should absolutely take out the science crew first. Those little bastards are always sciencing their way out of things

I don't think I did.

I think the crucial points are the 10 hour delay, which is Dyatlovs error, and the AZ5 emergency brake, which was the USSRs mistake. It more or less all checks out, although I feel like the show gives an oversimplified version obviously. For example the maths of void coefficients and so on isn't something HBO are going to expect their audience to understand.

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Okay let me get this down.

There was too much xenon bc of the 10 hour wait, and that stalled the reactor. Without the reactor the water stops being pumped in and also the guys withdrew the control rods. Then, turning the reactor back up there were no brakes on the system so it shot back up, and then the AZ5 which was meant to shut it down actually accelerated it much much faster and turned it into a nuclear bomb

Did I miss anything

Got weak and reinstalled twitter only to have like, the noticeably worst day I've had all week and then uninstalled again. Looks like there's a pretty clear lesson to be learned here

Cycled down to Oxford St to see the Christmas lights with minimal covid exposure. Now I'm really feeling like it's Christmas. I know it's a filthy capitalist display of consumerism but I've seen these lights every year since I was like 6 and they're making me feel a lot better with everything going on

Lewd, clothed, HRT 

5 months on estrogen, ~7 months finasteride, I think I've had pretty strong results. Can't wait to go on progesterone later on though


I love this painting it's so good. I think in the new year I'm gonna get a tattoo based on another part of it

It's absolutely bizarre how disinterested in twitter I am 3 days after deleting it off my phone. Like literally I look at tweets now and I'm like... Meh


Natalie just made homemade noodle broth with homemade noodles!!!


Expect another JK Rowling meltdown in about two days. She has them 3 days after trans people make legal equality progress in the UK. Like Clockwork

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