I do think that some of the Pokemon games have more LGBT characters than we let on, like the Teammates in..ORAS, I think.

Y’all ever just stop and think about how gay you are for Orange Islands Nurse Joy? :magikarp:

Well, I've been out for a while, and..I have both of the Pokemon Let's go games. >.>

PSA(-) : appropriate mastodon behavior and slurs 

Some news from me! I have managed to get both phyiscal copies of Sun and Moon, and I have USUM deluxe and ORAS on its way too!

Semi-pokemon related, PETA mention 

So, I have a couple of really..non-edgy theories. They're related to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

-It's a ROM hack of a Hudson Mystery Dungeon game
-It's actually a Rouge-like Tabletop RPG, with Pokemon playing it. :P

Pokemon edgy theories 

That Movie..I saw the outline and..things happened that corrupt the timestream.

I do need a IM/Chat place that isn't full of creepy types.

Not pokemon-related 

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