I do think that some of the Pokemon games have more LGBT characters than we let on, like the Teammates in..ORAS, I think.

Well, I've been out for a while, and..I have both of the Pokemon Let's go games. >.>

PSA(-) : appropriate mastodon behavior and slurs 

I'm seeing this alot in the Federation Timeline especially over the last few days;
"trap" is a transphobic slur and not acceptable by just about any instance Code of Conduct.
If you see it, report it.
Your admin and mods are here to help, and if we see groups that are not addressing this issue with their users, we have the power to remove them from your timelines. This goes for any type of hate speach, abuse, or discrimination.

Some news from me! I have managed to get both phyiscal copies of Sun and Moon, and I have USUM deluxe and ORAS on its way too!

Semi-pokemon related, PETA mention 

I find it a bit weird that pokemon games on a nintendo console don't have battles with wild pokemon as a default option. Maybe it's to appease PETA, who actually have a game on the system? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, as always.

So, I have a couple of really..non-edgy theories. They're related to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

-It's a ROM hack of a Hudson Mystery Dungeon game
-It's actually a Rouge-like Tabletop RPG, with Pokemon playing it. :P

Pokemon edgy theories 

They are so boring. The whole coma theory has become the "wizard did it" of modern media. It started with pokemon, and it's spreading. Plus all the creepypasta stuff? It is just plain..well, boring!

That Movie..I saw the outline and..things happened that corrupt the timestream.

Not pokemon-related 

Can anyone say "Vicarious liability"?

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