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gender dysphoria ? 

i wish i had always been a girl and like lived a girl life and done the girl things :( like. i really really wish i did. and i feel like i always have wished i could,, and just didnt, and :(

i wonder if that makes any sense,

oh weird im not seeing toots from today im seeing toots from 3 days ago sorry if im faveing old toots

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(eye contact, boosts mandatory) look I'm sorry for annihilating your notifications. Here's a picture of me being pretty to make up for it 


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- , parents 

i envy people with cool parents and people with good relationships with their parents..,,,

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+, loneliness 

i love feeling intensely alone :)

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- mh i guess 

every time i do a call with a friend or like. spend time with them afterwards im like. emotional ?? and like worried about how long it will be until the next time??? is that weird??? am i bad/selfish??

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if i were a girl that would be really cool

gender + 

i came out to some friends as not cis a few weeks ago, and im super happy :>

still using they/them pronouns but idk if nonbinary or binary trans or whatever


i wonder how long itll be till i come out

to myself ? to other people ? how long will it be ?


i did my physics notes someone be proud of me please,

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