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if i were a girl that would be really cool

gender + 

i came out to some friends as not cis a few weeks ago, and im super happy :>

still using they/them pronouns but idk if nonbinary or binary trans or whatever


i wonder how long itll be till i come out

to myself ? to other people ? how long will it be ?


i did my physics notes someone be proud of me please,

simpleflips walkies 

oh my gosh this title, im not reading the comments lets go

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-----, suicide adjacent 

i feel like i always want to die (at least for as long as i can remember,) , and some things just bring that want to the surface way more,

such as characters you relate to dying, and like,,, ahhh can that be me

like i just want to *be killed* or like *die* but i dont wanna do it myself ????

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@catherine Wielding a giant rolled up newslaper labelled "STOP MAKING FALSE EQUIVALENCES" and beating up every single journalist with it

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commission for @bugQ on Twitter Dot Com™
featuring: raboot!!!!!!!!!

#art #oc #pokemon

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