thanks to the discord server im in, i managed to snag up a shiny g-max :appletun:
3/6 dream team members to go!

pkm master spoilers 

I FINALLY caught enough pikachus for the second trophy, unlocking the pants ive been drooling over for months now...AND this baby hatched :')

last day with the midnight sun! took Mint out on a stroll πŸ’›

food in second pic 

i, for one, am very excited for the new pokemon games

okay i finally took a pic of my babies!
these are my rainbow rares and shinies!!

+ a secret rare mewtwo cus i had to fill the last slot lmao

got a vid of me finding my third and last shiny today! was hoping to find one with a bit better stats and cp but they cant all be winners !!

anyone else keep occationally crashing on this page? or know a sollution?

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