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@sachirin no, not all of them, you can only get gigantamax pokemon from max raid dens!
You can tell if a pokemon is gigantamaxed if the pokemons apperance has changed if you dynamax it :D

@sachirin pretty sure that means that pokemon can gigantamax!

@g thanks ! i found it now! โ˜บ๏ธโ€‹

@sachirin huh wierd! i cant find it yet
maybe its just a bit slow in norway or something, but thanks anyways!

is the pokemon home app released at all or just not world wide?

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so far i know for certian i want 3 tattoos.
-a turtle on a skateboard
-a drawing book with a blank page
-loss.jpg (my tarot cards told me to get it)

im ALSO debating on a shiny charm ๐Ÿค”

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im debating on using my birthday money on a tattoo with my friend instead of buying new clothes....

I just got a random shiny shellos while hunting toxel,

what all my faves have in common:
-is my friend

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