hello , just wanted to let you know that there's finally an EN/FR instance (with aaaaaaall of the emojis)! :abra: :absol: :celebi: :caterpie: :charizard: :gallade: :gardevoir: :gengar: :herdier: :heracross: :hitmonchan: :hitmonlee: :hitmontop: :ho_oh: :hoppip: :horsea: :igglybuff: :hydreigon: :houndour: :kakuna: :keldeo: :kecleon: :kyogre: :krookodile: :nuzleaf: :octillery: :purrloin: :psyduck: :quilladin: :quilava: :victreebel: :venonat:
check it out!

Oh my gosh this is getting some reach. Hope to see a bunch of trainers soon! :missingno::pikachu:
(Also thank @Siphonay, not me!)

@DialMforMara @gaditb oh yes, it's not in the picker because there are so many of them. just type the pokemon name surrounded by : and it'll show up (and on tootdon, for example, it will be in the picker)

@exo @gaditb :pikachu:
(that was mostly a request to get them on my home instance, but let's see if this works)

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