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@Siphonay no money = no problem, i wouldn't worry it

@lapras Yeah that's quite a bit more than I thought, glad I didn't talk out of my ass without checking definitively

@lapras i thiiiink so? I'm not at my PC right now and can't check right away, but I'm pretty sure there's no more than one or two others

There are no Electric/Dark or Dark/Electric Pokemon!

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From Gen II and up to Gen IV, there was a ??? type. Although no Pokémon had this type, it was the type of the eggs in Gen III, the move Curse was of this type, and Arceus had a ???-type variant programmed into the Gen IV games even though there is no ??? plate, thus no way to access it.

It had no weaknesses or resistance to any type, but since there were no offensive moves or Pokémon of this type, it could not be accessed.

It was removed in Gen V, and Curse became Ghost-type.

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We now have all Pokéball emojos!! :beast_ball::heavy_ball::love_ball::level_ball:

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@JTE this is actually so helpful oh my gosh, thank you!

@meowth hell yes!!! :pikachu_cute:​ that would be PERFECT!

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added donphan.social to the nice mastodon list~

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Trying to think of what my first team was for each gen.

:blastoise::pidgeot::golem: :vileplume::rapidash::dewgong:



Can't do them all in one post though...

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