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Now really is the best time to be a Nintendo fan, they haven't reached this plateau of quality before, though they have often come close.

I still have the same guide I had when I was 4!

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Here's two free TCGO pack codes for the first person to redeem them! (also add exosilver and let me know when you redeem them/what you get) :hoppip: :mudkip: :pachirisu: :pansage: :porygon: :ponyta:

welcome to the
:vivillon: :vivillon_archipelago: :vivillon_poke_ball: :vivillon_ocean: :vivillon_monsoon: :vivillon_modern: :vivillon_marine: :vivillon_jungle: :vivillon_icy_snow: :vivillon_tundra: :vivillon_sun: :vivillon_high_plains: :vivillon_savanna: :vivillon_garden: :vivillon_sandstorm: :vivillon_fancy: :vivillon_river: :vivillon_elegant: :vivillon_polar: :vivillon_continental:

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@codl that's maybe becᵃᵘˢᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ²⁷⁵⁰ ᵉᵐᵒʲᵒˢ

oh dang! my dad just called and my copy of cave story+ and ~another unexpected package~ arrived!!!

Zelda, Pokemon season 3, and salt and vinegar popcorn 😊​ What's everyone doing tonight? :lilligant::gardevoir::porygon:

behold, the reason why i've rarely have nightmares :gengar:

(i actually don't know why i don't get nightmares often, but I'm attributing it to his diet of dreams)


Oh my gosh I seriously love this instance so much, thank you @Siphonay !!!

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realtalk i've been working on a Pokémon quiz for like several years now and one of these days i'm going to finally finish it and then post it here

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