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i guess neither of us actually posted it full size so here is the thing that @Zylex surprise-drew for me incredibly quickly while we were all doing that pokémon thing yesterday 💙 💚

switch posting 

please dont style your name like that

switch posting 

i didnt know avalugg could swim! a boy of many talents

switch posting 

hm yes not suspicious at all

i dont rly care abt "hacked" pokémon. just dont lie abt it

the pokédirect which i am like eight hours late for 

i am never gonna play it but the art style in pokemon cafe mix is lovely

babie :sobble:

s/s, also startling (well it was for me) 

me, unsuspecting, with my face an inch from the screen since the s/s pokedex cant zoom: *presses A*

s/s cursed 

i just made this connection and i am EXTREMELY angry at myself

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