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sorry for the inactivity, i'll be resuming my playthrough soon !!

making some progress, still in pinwheel forest though LMAO

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Here's a self-curated list of trainers doing main series game runs and posting about them. There should be more out there though, share links in comments please!

challenging run of VC Silver

monotype (water) run of B/W

monotype (grass) run of B/W

no cheat run of Heart Gold

group plays Ultra Moon on youtube

hi i heard q was lonely 😔 anyway i'm still stuck on the first gym leader because i've been coding all night, bummer

this monotype challenge is harder than i expected :ms_dead:

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so as y'all know gen an i are doin a monotype/gym leader playthru of b&w :3c !!!!!!!! im goin with grass type and snivy as my starter!!! :energy_grass:

named my trainer mari, short for maritime !!

found my copy of white & i’m ready to fuckin party

REPOSTED: @illuminatedbeehive and i will be doing a monotype/gym leader playthrough of b&w !! i chose water type, and oshawott as my starter
follow if u want to see the occasional update :energy_water:

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to anyone on my berries acc: if u really like pokemon n wanna see gen and i suffer in a new playthrough(with a challenge! :3c) then dont hesitate to follow me here nyah!

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