All I want is a freaking Gulpin and it keeps RUNNIN. OFF.

We got 75$ out of selling 6,548 Yu-Gi-Oh cards that were just sitting in our closet yeeesh

Y'all Pokemon Center just launched their Lavender Town collection and I'm LIVING. Ghost Type Best Type :gengar: 💕

⚡Heyo~ Jolteon is the Pokemon of the day you say?? I just happened to have a painting of one lmao.
[Is for sale 😛]

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║ A wild 🍆  ║
║ appeared   ║

If anybody would like to add me on the online TCG my username is purecow

Digimon is aight, I wasn't absorbed into that fan base when I was younger like I was for Pokemon. That being said I do really like Yokai Watch as well.
Generally anything that fits the collecting friends mold is Okie for me

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for the artists, there's a water pokémon zine taking applications right now! it's called Rain Dance, and all proceeds will be going to the flint water fund!!

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Thanks so much for the Boosts and favs really makes me feel better about my art 🙂

Typhlosion Acrylic painting I did for me and my boyfriend's anniversary :)

I basically can only play Pokemon Go when I'm at home because I don't have phone service anymore T - T bunch of Houndours, I'm not complaining but you need 100 candies to evolve 'em.

🌸Hello! I'm Dee! I share my birthday with , I grew up with the TV show and collected cards since I was little. Since then I've become a PokéArtist, and paint Pokemon for YouTube and also for friends. I do have a few large paintings for sale! Let's be friends!🌸

YouTube Link:

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