@korehaTaihen レイド招待ありがとうございました。色違いを捕獲出来ました!

To win a platinum medal for dragon type capture, I'm a Gible hunter now.

@korehaTaihen Thank you for your help.
Now I have over 200 Absol Mega Energy!

@korehaTaihen Thank you for invite.
But I don't have remote pass now.
After a while summon again.

There is a shortage of Altaria megaenergy. Please invite me to a remote raid battle.
And Yveltal,too.

@deasach Thank you for your invite.
But, now I have no remote raid pass because of my new clothing :P

@deasach Thank you for the invite.
I get an Espeon of unique birthplace!

I cannot get an egg from Winchester gift again.
I wanna cry 😭​

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