@tsunderdog I feel like the dress i got was very similar? idk that part was a lil hazy for me bc it was both so amazing and also so close to transmasc projection discomfort feelings my brain started going staticy

@tsunderdog yeah there were a LOT based on i guess how well you did and what choices you made?? all are beauty

@hi_cial hm, maybe i will replay. my dress was pretty plain and didn't even have the pigtails

@tsunderdog i keep meaning to replay but i hate how railroady certain parts are and how slow i gotta move thru them. like i understand why but also cmoooooooooonn

@hi_cial i have a lot of problems with the pacing of the game but the things they got right were extremely good

@tsunderdog yeahhh yeahhh the good parts are fucking STELLAR. and they NAILED everyone's character

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