@ my new local donphan neighbors

what are your fav pokemon please tell me

@Siphonay omfg i fell in love w munchlax during the deoxys movie. i wanted to collect specifically mystery dungeon munchlax stuff but its raaaaare....

@hi_cial Flareon. They're cute, cuddly and very physically strong!

@hi_cial Torchic has been one of my favs for a while now.

@Darkling self cooking chickens!!! no omg torchic is so cute, lil ball of fluff

@hi_cial AND! It’s Pokédex entry says that it feels warm when you hug it!

@Multicursal hey not every pokemon needs a specific reason to be loved! also idk it kinda was great whenever it went HYA in the anime

@hi_cial Oh, yeah that's a good point. One of the cooler Pokemon sound effects.

@hi_cial sylveon!!!!

Eevee, Raichu, Braixen, Scorbunny, Lopunny

ALL the dogs and bunnies and most of the foxes basically

@hi_cial well fox bunny cute amalgamation

I’m not saying Eevee doesn’t have cat IN that amalgamation, esp considering Espeon, but I’ve met so many ppl who think eevee is a straight up cat and I bite

@hi_cial Hello! I am relatively new to the game and I’m always super partial to grass Pokemon (especially starters) for some reason.

@sachirin grass types are super pretty!! and the starters are just reliable looking sweet friends, they will get u thru any of the games. reliable and strong!

@hi_cial hello, neighbor, I will be that guy saying my favorite Pokémon is Charizard since day 1. But I love Blaziken and the Eeveelutions a lot too!

@Metallinatus charizard is the og draconic friend!! who wouldn't want a giant flying fire lizard to pal around with

@hi_cial :primarina:​ ! Came out as trans sometime during gen7 and its evo line helped, ngl

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