"An ongoing debate in the film series is whether the realm accessed by the Lament Configuration is intended to be the Christian version of Hell, or simply a generic dimension of endless pain and suffering."

just a regular one of those. y'know. normal dimension of endless pain and suffering

@monorail you can't just post things like this without context

@Felthry it is a series i know very little about except that there's a puzzle box you can solve to open a portal to a dimension of endless pain and suffering


@Felthry @monorail the realm is also like super bdsm-y so a lot of it is framed as like,,, the monsters there want to inflict so much pain you start to derive joy from it.

Hellraiser is a party lmao

@Felthry @monorail in the first movie as i recall some shady dudes steal the puzzleboxwhile in army? Theyre like clearly evil scumbags. Theyre convinced it takes u to a realm of ?? Joy? Power? Immortality? One murders the other for this then opens it in a house he breaks into & gets sucked into the realm. This means the house has a doorway in it now i thiiiink? I might be wrong abt all this its been a While

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