Having repetitive nightmares about something is a sign of trauma/ptsd so

I ask u, adults who have long ago graduated... do you still get nightmares about school?

@hi_cial We were homeschooled so never went through that hell, thank fuck. But we've heard of nightmares about school as a Common Cultural Thing, and honestly, from what we've heard, school sounds abusive.

rape mention 

@hi_cial y e p

more so grade school. But that’s when there was a repeat of csa and a ‘friend’ raped me so

As awful as hs was/is I think I was fucking numb from trauma by that point

@hi_cial voted no, tho kinda wanna add that i get the impression that schools in the usa especially and also to an extent the uk are exceptionally bad, so idk if you'd find your info more useful if you made the poll location-specific? Altho ofc if you did want general info then ignore my entire paragraph!

@certifiedsystem i thought abt it but i also wasnt sure of how to word that in the poll since "no (non colonial nation)" didnt rly fit haha

@hi_cial that's fair, tho I'm in nz whoch is a colonial nation, so i guess my answer stays the same :3

@hi_cial 12 years later, most of my nightmares are school nightmares

@hi_cial about twice a month I have an anxiety dream that I have a high school assignment due, and if I don't submit it I won't graduate.

I am 34 years old and have two university degrees.

@hi_cial Yes, but my nightmares are usually from the teaching side rather than the student side

@hi_cial sometime around 30 I stopped having normal school nightmares and started having ones about how I've been secretly trying to continue going to college but I can't make it to any classes because I live in a different state and also I don't know how I'm going to pay for them

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