Because of drugs, Janey gave birth to a frog baby and has to pretend to love it

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This is a little on brand for me, but i am loving Clockwork Bird (or the modern icarus), a podcast by hanging sloth studios

food, audrey being a silly onion child 

The onion made me spill cereal on myself!! Onion!!!

She didnt do it on purpose, dhe was throwing herself at my hands for pets and bonked the bowl w all her might

I had to change shirt. Brrr this night air cold

The basic layout will stay but im gonna need new pics n prob some new art at some point

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#art #mastoart #D&D

OKAY so remember that campaign I run about the fallen Gods? Well this is one of my player's character, Oberon! He is a Satyr who is a dream god and fights nightmares and he is just. So tired. Please let him sleep. He sits on his staff and it flies around and he falls asleep on it. It's wild. He has his own pocket dimension where he can bring in friends and enter other dreamscapes.

Right now the character is out of the game to rest after destroying a 300 year old nightmare beast and he's tired. He may come back later, after some time to get some good sleep.

Oberon belongs to Azzy who is super fun to DM for <3

I drew this a while ago but sometimes I completely forget I drew a thing until I find it again when arranging backups so here we go!

the year is 2077, mastodon is still online but everyone is on a single user instance, 99% of posts are just users going "I'm (their name)". flowless has finally successfully been cancelled, but only because he made a bet with the admins over a set and he got punished for taunting. you open a post CW'ed "introduction" from a new account you don't recognize with a homestuck avi over a pride flag. the post says "I'm anna".

It is a common misconception that the number of tails on a fox is an indication of their rank or spiritual power. It is, in fact, an indication of how much fluffy surface there is to stroke.

i moved some plants and snails around fishtanks. i rly hope the shrimp get here soon bc the 10gal could use a good shrimpy hoovering

@monorail a lot of my first webbed sites used wordart banners turned transparent

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