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I had a whole series of graphic horrifying nightmares last night so im like struggling against sleep rn


Ill need to spend the weekend making a list of where it goes n howmuch goes when it is deposited monday. But ohhhh my god its gonna feel good to never give sallie mae another dime even if it means a 30 years mortgage (or selling the house)

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fingernail injury 

Ykno i thought my nail was just growing in funny but turns out it was a huge lateral crack in it i didnt notice til i was pulling nailpolish up

I wonder if its from when audrey escaped & i crunched it in the garage door? I had bigger concerns at the time than noticing pain lololol

“her lips were like... bananas; her arms, they were like long and tender bananas; her feet, they were delicate... like bananas; her aroma was sweet and delicious... like a banana” yiga poetry

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USpol (+ish?) 

Aside from general things like "a horrifying bigot has been removed from power" and "oh hey the Paris climate accord is back on the table," I'm very interested to see if the Biden administration will make good on their promises to revise disability. Y'all seen how assy disability is in the US? Take a gander sometime; being unable to save more than $2,000 while on it, for example, and general policy changes that haven't been updated since the 80s. Yeesh!

resource distribution offer, period supplies 

is there anyone in Georgia (state) who is in emergency need of contraceptives or period supplies? i'm working with a resource distribution project and i can ship (and possibly deliver) within Georgia in february. feel free to comment or pm me

uspol, silly 

what if bernie sanders knitted his own mittens

uspol, nazi neighbors 

The nazi neighbor is having a petulant tantrum day lol he knocked our empty trash over w his jeep and sped off

Cry me a river u fashy old fuck lmao

Drat. That suss reporter posted a fluff piece. I guess all i can hope is she was dragged into the office & rattled a bit.

Been a low key anxious lately where i cant sleep well til i know where all 3 cats are & at least one is on the bed :/

Acephale didnt release the audiobook chapter today so im very sad :(

Skipping situps tonight bc its too late & also my back hurt ladt night but try not feeling guilty abt it. Haaaa

fffffffffff i cant finish the comic tonight, its too late and theres too much to do still


my saturday D&D group gm has the rona :(

i wanna finish inking this comic page tonight but also. oh my god why have i done this to myself with these knife fight scenes

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