2AM and still up. I think I will snooze on the couch. :) Night y'all.

Can't sleep. I am going to sim. I have the Sims 4 plus most of the EPs... don't have Vampires... don't need them either! *wears garlic*

@sachirin When I get my tablet I am downloading PoGo. I'll add you. :)

Why the hell is trending?! WTH? Sonic the hedgie or the restaurant. Neither is gay imho.

Ampharos is an ok electric type. Mega Ampharos is beautiful. LOL

So, I traded my Pikachu (girl) for a Cyndaquil (girl) from Japan... so.. my team right now is chespin, cyndaquil and bunnelby. Although I may trade bunnelby for a vaporeon.

Ok. So, I sr until I got a Chespin with the nature I wanted (adamant) and she was a girl so.. her name is Nutmeg. I have a bunnelby called Digger w/ pickup and a pawniard I got by wt last night.

@sachirin I have Crystal, Silver, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Moon and US on the go.. ROTFLOL

@sachirin I too start too many games at the same time lololol

I started Y... I have a chespin named Chestnut. I will play more later today.

Eating cheddar popcorn and thinking of playing Y....

I forgot to play Y today.... maybe tomorrow? Or tonight...?

Just had for breakie... I need water... Who should I start with in ? I usually go for the grass type... so... Chespin?

Grotle is.. Turtwigs second . He is ok being Grass/Ground .. I like using him but Chimchar is better.

Snowplow just went by... we got a sh-t ton of snow last night.

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