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hey guys if you want to see my actual wigs and makeup stuff in action/more specific wigs posts/have any interest in buying or commissioning hair pieces I'm making a private instance with my classmates solely geared at hair stuff. You can follow my art stuff at @j_hair_czar

I'm headed back into Pokemon country again thank fuck I'm ready for Dem bois

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you ever see people using a term you're not familiar with and just absolutely refuse to look it up because you just *know* what a massive mound of bullshit you're going to end up knee deep in
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dear rib:

put yourself back where you came from or so help me

Angry Ikea Builder

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Have some kitties. No idea why she wanted to be in the dryer so bad, but she looked cute as heck when she did it.

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me: need hoodie

hoodie: has fucked off to approximately god knows where, never to be seen again

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good genderless names for your as-of-yet unborn child:

- Kimothy
- Timberly
- Willian
- Jilliam
- Alexathan
- Johnaxandria

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tfw you get your order from bassi in a hella timely manner so you can build ALL THE FALLS for the opera

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Brands can't be progressive because they aren't people with feelings and views.

Brands are the calculated product of marketing firms using statistical data to draw the correct emotions out of you for purchasing the right products.

There is no risk that isn't calculated for a profit outcome.

They can't be "brave".

They are the uncanny robotic faces corporation-machines making a crude imitation of humanity.

It is ascribing feelings to machines.

Any time I eat a grape I am eating baby wine.

i got a few sleeping snorlax even here in rural nowhere so I feel like I've achieved my pokemon go achievements for the week

welp i'm too disabled to work on the boat so that's neat

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*a random follows me on ig*
me: bitch i don’t know who tf you are go away

*a random follows me on masto*
me: hello you are my new best friend and i would die protecting you

how the fuck do you have a car crash into five boats.

ok so i'm a complete programming noob and I have a question. I'm trying to set up a bridge between matrix/ and discord, using the matrix-appservice-discord, but I seem to be missing all of the context I need to actually install or run the program because I know nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out how to know what I don't know?

Put the plants in a final new home! Hopefully the direct sunlight will please them

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